Our Grand Design in Montemboeuf, Charente, France


Montemboeuf Map

Location of Montemboeuf Map

Montemboeuf, is a commune in the Charente department in South West France.  It is 34 km from Angouleme, the department capital, 368 km from Paris and 583 km from the port at Calais.

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13 thoughts on “Montemboeuf

  1. Hello new neighbours,
    We are Carla and Henk and we are a dutch couple who just recently signed our Compromis de Vente for the house on 10 Rue Maquis Bir Hakeim. If you look it up on the map you will see that we are your (almost) neigbours at the south side of your plot. There is just a small plotpart between our plots. We like your building plans and hope you will get your planningpermission.


    • Dear Carla and Henk,

      Thank you for your kind message about our designs. We are hoping to submit our planning application before the end of the year with a view to start building Spring/Summer 2014. However, we can never tell how long these things take!

      Best of luck with the finalising of your sale. As you have signed the CdV already then everything should be OK now!

      We will try to keep the blog updated as much as possible so you will see how things are progressing, but because you are opposite, you will see first hand!

      Hopefully we will meet you sometime next year when things start happening on site.

      Best wishes,

      Jess and Tom


  2. Hello Jess and Tom,
    I am sure we will meet next spring. Untill then we will follow your blog!

    Carla and Henk


  3. Hello Jes and Tom,
    I just read that you purchased a kitchen. Good for you! Today our postlady (we have a woman…..) delivered a brown envelope from Hygena Cuisines 667 adressed to you at our address. So, if you like you can pick it up and we can finally meet.
    Carla and Henk


    • Dear Carla and Henk,

      I am really sorry that they sent our post to you. I am not sure how that happened, because we don’t even know your address to give it to them!

      We would love to meet you soon. We are back in the UK at the moment, but Tom will be heading back to Montemboeuf tomorrow. He will only be there for a few days. We will then all be back in the New Year. I will mention to him about the letter and maybe he can pop over. Hopefully, in the New Year, we can all meet you!

      Jess x

      p.s. The timber frame should start going up tomorrow!


  4. Would Tom be about to visit on Friday 12th December in the morning? Is there a good time for him to pop round? Jx


  5. Hi Jess,
    This Friday is ok. If he comes in the morning around 10 or 11 is ok. Our house and garden are at the south side of your plot (nr. 10).
    Today your trees close to your house were cut shorter. So tomorrow the timber frame is coming. That’s when the good part of the building starts!


    • Hi Carla,

      Tom just called to ask me to write to you and apologise for not making it today. He had a meeting with a builder that overran and he is now in a meeting with our timber fame company to discuss why they’ve still not started!

      We are both really sorry that he didn’t come today as arranged. He did ask me to ask if you were free tomorrow (Saturday 13th) between 9am-10am – before he heads back to UK again.

      I hope that I’ll get to meet you in the New Year.

      Sorry again.


      Jess x


  6. Hi Jes, I just read your message and all is handled as you may know already. Happy Holidays and I am sure we will meet in January. As I said to Tom: Feel free to come over for a coffee or maybe just to get warm again when you have been freezing on your building plot! See you!

    Carla x


  7. Hi Jess and Tom,
    Yes I have noticed. We walked by yesterday and I took 3 photo’s with my mobile. I don’t know if any one else is making photo’s for you but I will save these ones for you.


  8. Hi Jess and Tom

    I’ve just come across your blog as I am doing some homework on SLM Construction!! We’ve just bought a house a little way from you in Exideuil right on the banks of the Vienne and it needs some work – hence the investigations in to builders! It’s by no means as ‘grand design’ as yours but it’s always good to find a builder that it recommended!

    At least it looks like you are at the exciting bit – choosing kitchens, tiles etc etc – that seems a little way off for us! Good luck and keep up the good work!



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