Our Grand Design in Montemboeuf, Charente, France

Almost there….y est presque


So the French Bank Account is open and we even have a French Mastercard which I think will come in very handy, even when we are not visiting monsieur bricolage or Reseau Pro!  Our certificat d’urbanisme has been approved and we have fixed our pounds sterling – euro exchange rate and we are ready to transfer the money to the Notaire.  All we need to do now is sign the  Acte Finale and the land is ours!  As we will not be there to sign the Acte, the Notaire’s clerk will sign it on our behalf.  It really is within touching distance…

View from northern side looking south

View from northern side looking south


We have also managed to fix a date to meet the planners in Confolens, (where our local préfecture) is based again to go through our final designs with them before we submit. Tom has revised our original drawings in to something that I think will work much better, but still makes the most of the views and the space that we have.  I am sure that they will change again as we get closer to submitting our plans, but in the meantime, I think what we have is fantastic.  Visit our design page where we will post the updates.

Author: lespetitesgarennes

Cycling, cricket, clean sheets and crime novels - just not necessarily in that order! Bit of a Francophile. Likes baths. Baths with bubbles, wine and a good audiobook to get lost in

2 thoughts on “Almost there….y est presque

  1. I’m guessing this pic is taken from where the build will be as the road comes round. It’s a great view. There seems to be a petit source or spring to the left and leading down the valley, does this mean you will have a well? It’s a lovely spot and we’ll definately stop off at some point.


    • Hi Lawrence,

      That is right, this is where we hope to site the building to make the most of the views. The road that comes round is very quite which means it is also a quiet spot. There is a stream at the bottom of the plot, but there are no wells marked on our cadastre plans, so I don’t think there is one sadly. You’ll be welcome to pop off for a few glasses of pineau once it is built!


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