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Build me up a foundation, don’t break my heart – Me Construire une fondation, ne pas briser mon coeur

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Tamping down gravel

Tamping down gravel

In our last post we wrote about the next stage of the foundations. The middle (where the chap is working), has, as we said been dug out and filled with gravel.  He is now compacting this down ready for a new delivery of gravel.  This will continue until the are has been built up enough. The pipes you see in the background are for electricity, water, telecommunications and sewage (hooray to be on mains drainage).

The next stage in the process will be to lay the mesh and insulation and the top with the Agilia concrete. Agilia is supposed to be top stuff because it can be poured quickly and flows and spreads easily to provide an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish (so say Lafarge).  If you wanted this could be your finished floor.  For those of you that might be interested in this type of thing, here is a video from Lafarge explaining why it is so great – if you ignore the self promotion – you’ll get the idea!

Since we last posted, we have also chosen our front door and insulation.  Fortunately, this decisions were not too difficult to make.  The much harder decisions (to roll top bath or not and how many cushions on the bed etc) come a bit later on!  Either way, for now we are happy to see that the view from the house will be great and all the time we took aligning the house in the right direction looks like it will pay off!

Our view looking South West

Our view looking South West

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