Our Grand Design in Montemboeuf, Charente, France

As promised, concrete! – Comme promis, le béton!


Lafarge truck

Lafarge truck delivering concrete!

In my last post, I hoped to show you something a little more ‘concrete’ when I next wrote. That time has now arrived!  A big Lafarge truck turned up on our site today to deliver and lay a lot of concrete for our foundations.  I know concrete isn’t the most environmentally friendly of products, but it was our best option and meant we didn’t spend a fortune ‘getting out of the ground’.  We will also be having a concrete slab, which is great for thermal mass, something which will be very important during those Charente summers.

Anyway, this is the start of the foundations and is a very exciting moment in the build.  It really feels as though it has started now and that we have officially ‘broken ground’.

For me, it also gives an idea of the scale of the build for the first time.  You always see people in Grand Designs standing in the frame of their house gawping at the size and scale of what they are building and now I am one of those people.  I am sure that this will only be confounded once our frame goes up.  What we are building isn’t huge, but it is good to get an idea. If you’re lucky, I will post more pictures of concrete tomorrow….

Author: lespetitesgarennes

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4 thoughts on “As promised, concrete! – Comme promis, le béton!

  1. I remember the day our concrete was poured – very exciting. Momentum certainly begins to pick up from now on. Our oak frame only took 4 days to erect and now we already have half a roof with the rest being completed next week. Windows are being surveyed on Thursday so it’s full steam ahead.
    We love the progress. Keep blogging!


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